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Vehicle Repossession

A complete Vehicle Repossession and Recovery Service to the Motor Vehicle Finance and Insurance Industry.

We are able to undertake covert and confrontational repossessions on behalf of our clients.

Secure Storage


Once recovered the vehicles are taken to our secure storage facilities suitable for vehicles up to and including Heavy Goods Vehicles and Caravans prior to their return to UK.



The recovered vehicles are then returned to the UK or other designated destination either by Vehicle Transporters or if required driven. by Ex. Police Officers who have considerable experience and driving skills.

Trace and Locate Debtors and Vehicles


Our repossession service is enhanced by our ability to trace and locate debtors this greatly increases the success rate of recovery of vehicles for our clients.

Investigation Department


Our success is due to our ability to utilise a variety of skills and resources from our Investigation and Debt Collection Services.

This enables us to be more pro active in establishing the location of the vehicle and we are thus able to offer a more comprehensive service to the client than other Vehicle Repossession Agents.

Recovering Outstanding Finance


In cases where it is has not been considered cost effective due to the age and condition of the vehicle we are have provided the client with the facility to recover the monetary balance outstanding or a suitable re payment plan.

Our Track Record


Due to our continued success for our clients Anglo Spanish Collections have been appointed the Agent in Spain for several Major Vehicle Recovery and Repossession Specialists in the UK. 
For information on fees contact us for full details.