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Rent Arrears

Are you the victim of a Tenant who has Absconded?


Private Property Owners


Many owners of properties are suffering financial loss in Spain due to the non payment of rents on their properties. A high proportion of these tenants have fled back to the UK resulting in Landlords being owed thousands of Euros in unpaid rents.


Commercial Rents

This is not only as a result of the Private Tenant evading the duty to comply with the terms of their rental agreements, but it has also been a major factor in the Landlords of Commercial Properties such as Bars and Restaurants who have been victims of a Tenant who has disappeared owing rent.

Are you a victim of such circumstances, we may be able to assist you to recover your losses.

Each case must be dealt with on its merits and the legal contract documentation between Landlord and Tenant is normally required to proceed in these matters.