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Property & Goods Recovery

Influx of Goods to Spain


Many companies had increased their export of trade goods to Spain due to the level of influx of the different European Communities now resident there. This created a market of well known Brands from around the European Community and fuelled a rise in retail outlets to cater for this need.

Difficult Financial Climate


Due to the financial climate today this market has depleted and many outlets and wholesalers struggle to keep going. Suppliers are not being paid for their goods as the sales in retail outlets decreases daily.

Culture of Late Payment in Spain


There is a culture for business in Spain to leave all payments to the last possible moment and attempt to continue to extend credit beyond what would be reasonable in the circumstances. Many of these cases have no fraudulent intent but the delaying tactics are proving costly to the supplier which adds pressure to their own cash flow problems.


Recovering Your Goods or Payment

We can act for you in recovering your property especially where the retention of goods is established in contract form. We are able to recover, store and transport the items to a location of your choice.