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Marine Repossession

Throughout Spain and Mediterranean

We are able to offer a Repossession Service for Marine Vessels throughout Spain in particular the Mediterranean Coastal area. 

Certified Expert Agents


This service is conducted through our agents who are all experts in their field and are fully qualified and hold the current required certification.  
It includes the ability to repossess a Vessel in a Harbour and remove it to a safe berth awaiting a decision on its final destination.

Return to Home Port


Our service also includes the ability to return vessels to the UK or other European Port by Sea or to arrange suitable Road Transportation.
Many Vessels are being abandoned in Harbours along the Mediterranean Coast due to the current financial climate.

Depreciation and Mooring Fees Accruing


A large proportion of theses are subject to finance, their values are depreciating due to neglect and many continue to attract unpaid mooring fees.


Harbour Monitoring

We are able to continually monitor Harbour locations to establish if vessels subject to outstanding finance are present.
As fees for these services are dependent on many factors, please contact us with full details for an estimate and appraisal.