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Full Debt Recovery Services Throughout Spain and its Islands.

The company offers our full debt recovery services throughout the Spanish mainland and its islands, including:

Canary Islands Balearic Islands
Gran Canaria Mallorca
Fuerteventura Minorca
Lanzarote Ibiza
Tenerife Formentera
La Palma
La Gomera
El Hierro

We also offer our full services throughout Portugal.

United Kingdom Pedigree

The company evolved from our experiences as Investigators for UK Solicitors, Debt Collection Agencies and Private Individuals requiring the tracing of Debtors and the recovery of monies or property.

Tracing Success

Our initial tracing successes soon produced the need to continue with the recovery and deal with the matters direct. This additional service received approval from our clients as the difficulties of dealing with debtors in another Country soon became obvious.

Experienced Management Team

To enhance our services we added to the management team personnel with experience in operating business in both the UK and Spain. This provided a more in depth understanding of the business world and the continuing change in the economic climate.

Face To Face With Debtors

Unlike many other companies, we are prepared to deal in person face to face with the individual debtor or company, this is a point of priority for us when negotiating the recovery or repayment of the debt.

Full Recovery Service

Our service incorporates the recovery of Monetary Debts as well as Property, Vehicle and Marine Repossession.

Why are we different from other Agencies in Spain

We have an unrivalled experience in dealing with the varied Ex. Pat Communities, their lifestyle and habits, this has provided us with an insight to the Communities at all levels. Our agents are strategically placed throughout the UK, Mainland Spain, Gibraltar, the Balearic and Canary Islands to provide an immediate response to enquiries and ensure that they are dealt with promptly. Utilising our multilingual staff as required on those matters where needed.

Tracing Debtors Throughout Europe

Not only do we deal with debtors who have fled to Spain, we are also able to take on the enquiries on those who have now returned to the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe leaving behind their unpaid debts in Spain.

International Network

In today’s world there is a need to be able conduct enquiries worldwide, we achieve this through our International contacts and Professional Associations.