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Heavy Plant Repossession

A Growth Industry in Theft


The theft of all types of Plant Machinery is a growing problem in the UK.  Due to the high cost of these items it makes for a lucrative business for the Criminal Elements of Society.

Easy Disposal


As European border controls become less stringent and the Criminal more astute, the traffickers in such stolen items easily find a market in Eastern Europe or the African Continent. A large amount of this illicit trade is conveyed by road through Europe to a chosen Port Destination.

Gateway Spain


Spain is a gateway for the African and Eastern European Ports and has a history of being the point of debarkation for the stolen vehicle trade also.



We are able to recover on behalf of Insurance Companies Plant Equipment and provide safe storage prior to its transportation back to the UK.

Experienced Investigators


Our Investigation Unit comprises of Ex Police Officers with specialist skills in not only stolen vehicles but with a wealth of knowledge of Plant Equipment.

For related fees for these services please contact us as each case has its own individual circumstances.