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Q. What are the types of Debt do you collect.
A. We act on behalf of Companies or Individuals to recover Money and Goods including the repossession of Motor Vehicles, Caravans and Marine Craft.

Q. What is the minimum Debt you will deal with.
A. From 250 Euros and upwards.


Q. Can you collect debts outside of Spain

A. Yes we are able to conduct enquiries throughout the world.

Q. Do you use Lawyers to help to recover Debts.
A. Yes when the circumstances warrant it, but we strive to resolve matters without the need to recourse to legal action.

Q. Do you give any guarantees to recover money or property.
A. No, we cannot guarantee payment, only to do our utmost to recover the debt for you.

Q. Do you personally deal with the debtor face to face to make collections.
A. Yes our aim is to speak personally to each debtor to emphasise the importance of paying the debt or returning property without recourse to any other actions.

Q. If you recover the debt, how do I get paid. 
A. The debt is paid direct to your account, if you wish we can collect on your behalf and then transfer to your account or return in cash, any property recovered is retained by us and transport organised to return the goods or vehicles to your selected location.

Q. What details do you require from me.
A. We require your full details, the full personal details of the debtor and all relevant information of the debt.

Q. I have no signed agreement with the debtor can I still get my money back.
A. Legal agreements are the best evidence, but that does not stop us carrying out the enquiries to assist you to recover the debt.

Q. How much are you fees.

A. Due to the wide range of services we offer please contact us with your specific enquiry for an appraisal and the relevant fee.